Izzi is a latine, trans non-binary filmmaker and actor seeking to sow change, stow love, overthrow the powerful people and empower the regular ones. 

They wrote, directed and starred in their debut feature film, When Men Were Men which premiered at Austin Film Festival 2021, screened at Frameline46 and won a Special Jury award at 2022 Montclair Film Festival. Their upcoming project was a finalist for the Sundance's 'Screenwriters Lab'.  

Izzi can be heard voicing a supporting character in Disney Kid's 'Super Kitties'. They have starred in numerous commercial campaigns for companies such as Disney, Diet Coke, Panera and State Farm so they liken themself to be an Exploited Expert.  

For many reasons they aim to use film and media as a mind-opening tool for the unconscious public instead of the escapist one it typically is.
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